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Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Max

Consider your deductible, co-pay, and out-of-pocket max when deciding which health insurance solution is best for your situation.

What Will My Health Care Plan Cover Before Deductible?

Preventative or wellness visits are usually covered 100% without co-pay, and then a sick visit would typically require a co-pay. What about the deductible?

Does Employer Provided Health Insurance Affect Tax Credit Eligibility?

If you’re considering a Marketplace health insurance plan instead of an Employer provided plan, here’s how it could affect your tax credit eligibility.

understanding medicare or marketplace deadlines

If you’re on Medicare or over age 65, the deadline is December 7 to make necessary changes to your drug plan or advantage plan. For those on Marketplace plans, the deadline is December 15 for a January 1st start.

Facing high deductibles? How to reduce out-of-pocket costs

If you're facing high deductibles, consider gap coverage. It's an affordable option to help with unexpected expenses, especially for hospitalization, surgery or accidents.