About us

Your Forever Agency has been successfully meeting the needs of clients in multiple states. Our dedicated agents specialize in meeting our clients' needs through life changes. We simply don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our goal is to work with you to create an individualized solution by asking the right questions, identifying your specific insurance demands and listening to your concerns so we can best meet your needs. It's an important decision which we take seriously throughout the process.

Contact us today to start doing business with the very best in the industry. Let us take the stress off your shoulders by helping you, your business and your family with all your health, life or Medicare insurance needs.

Receptionist checking an insurance card


Some say pennies are worthless and would never pick one up. Others see the simplicity of their luck and the possibility of their worth having a higher value. In creating our brand, I asked myself, "What do I want to represent?" The answer? Security, confidence, protection and providing for families.

I kept coming back to the circles in my journey and serving my clients through the circles of life, so the logo starts with a circle, like a penny - a lucky penny, a penny for your thoughts, or in for a penny or a pound.

Copper has such a brilliance and is connected with pennies, luck, metal and strength. It also has immense health benefits, which related well to the idea of health insurance. So I chose copper for the font color.

Then I added blue - the color of the sky and ocean, feelings of tranquility and security; perceived as dependable, fiscally responsible, trustworthy and showing loyalty and professionalism. Did you know blue is America's favorite color?

My brand is more than a logo - it is a personal style - my mantra, you could say. Let us be the dependable, trustworthy place you call when you need life or health insurance; as Your Forever Agency, we're daily "taking the hell out of health insurance."